Australian light steel keel accessories-Wenan Yonggang Keel Factory
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                Light steel keel accessories factory is specialized in the production of the Australianlight steel keel accessories and other products, durable, welcome to buy

                Australia professional light steel keel accessories manufacturers


                Contacts: Mr. Cui
                Mobile phone1:15530669888
                Mobile phone2:15132635966
                Tel: 0316-5366372
                Fax: 0316-5366372
                Address:XueGeDa,WenAn,Hebei Prov


                Wen'an Yonggang keel Factory is an approved by the industry and Commerce and other relevant departments of the enterprise, our company is located in Wen'anCounty, Langfang City, Hebei Province, Xue Ge Da Cun, the core area of economic development in Beijing Tianjin Hebei, is convenient transportation.

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                Address: XueGea,WenAn,Hebei Prov Mobile phone:15530669888/15132635966 Tel:0316-5366372 Fax:0316-5366372 SiteMap

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